Kiwanis Skateboard Park

Officially opened in the fall of 2008, the Kiwanis Skate Park has been enjoyed by individuals of all ages who participate in the sport of skateboarding or BMX biking.  The project was a long time in the making with many community individuals and businesses working together during the development years to ensure that the young people who enjoy the sport of skateboarding and BMX biking have a facility they would enjoy.

This project became a reality with the development of a community partnership involving the City of Belleville, the Can’t W8-2-Sk8 committee; Desert Stream Christian Fellowship Church and the Kiwanis Club of Belleville.  The park was designed in conjunction with the users of the facility, who worked with the team of professional consulting engineers and landscape architects hired by the partners; thereby ensuring that the final product would be what the users wanted.  This community partnership provides a great facility used and respected by the skateboarding and BMX biking community.

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